Professional Air Duct Cleaning for Metro Detroit

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Air Duct Cleaning
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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality With Duct Cleaning Services

Our experienced technicians get your air ducts the cleanest possible.

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality is the 4th largest environmental threat. With the air in your home circulating through your ventilation system between 5-7 times per day, your HVAC and ducting play a major role in the quality of your indoor air.  Having your air ducts professionally cleaned ensures you’re breathing the best air possible in your home.

Hydro Clean of Michigan provides you with top-of-the-line professional air duct cleaning services.  We use one of the strongest negative air pressure systems available. And we do meticulous, thorough work on every job.

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How does Hydro Clean of Michigan Clean Air Ducts?

Hydro Clean of Michigan is your local air duct and dryer vent cleaning company. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with top quality services that they can trust.  When you choose Hydro Clean of Michigan, you choose to protect your home and family.

Whole System Cleaned

Cleaning the air ducts of your heating and cooling system is only part of a thorough cleaning process.  To achieve maximum benefit in efficiency and air quality, we offer a whole-house air duct cleaning package.

This whole house package includes:

  • all supply runs
  • all return runs
  • trunk lines
  • furnace air components
  • A-coil
  • blower fan

Strongest Cleaning Available

When you partner with our experts, you’ll have the strongest negative air pressure cleaning system in your corner.  We use a truck mounted system powerful enough to lift a cinder block.

This negative air pressure system safely sucks the dust out of your ventilation ducting.  As the compressor pulls the dust, we use a secondary air compress with a whip nozzle to loosen the stuck-on dust from the corners and sides of the ducts.

Completed Services You Can See

At Hydro Clean we want you to know the difference we make in your air ducts.  And since “seeing is believing” we provide a camera inspection before each cleaning service to show you the current state of your duct work.   Then at the completion of the job, we follow up with another camera inspections that reveals how clean your ducts are – even in the corners.

Providing you with the peace of mind we did a thorough cleaning is all just part of the job to us.

Technicians You Can Trust

Hydro Clean of Michigan runs background checks on all our technicians.  You can rest assured your family is safe with our company.

In addition, we carry the insurance necessary to protect your home in the unlike event of a mishap.  Our technicians are extensively trained in how to properly clean your air ducts and furnace according to NADCA standards.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing Add-On Available

If you’re concerned about mold spore growing in your HVAC system due to high humidity or water damage, our fogging machine can sanitize your HVAC and ducts and provide you with an extra level of protection in your home.  As the antimicrobial and anti-fungal treatments run through your duct work, they kill mold spores and other intruders.

With a completed treatment, you’ll rest assured you’re breathing the best air possible.

All Air Duct Cleaning Companies AREN'T the Same

Because our service isn’t the cheapest on the market, we get this question from potential customers: “Are all air duct cleaning services the same?”

The answer is absolutely, “NO!”

As an industry, there are companies that perform quality work and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.  Then there are other folks who use inferior equipment and processes to clean the ducts, sometimes leaving the duct work in worse shape than it was to begin with.

Inferior services are known in the industry as “Blow and Go” companies.  They simply use a shop vac to blow air through the ducts and brush the parts of the ducts that are easy to reach.  Unfortunately, they can leave longer runs of ducting clogged with piles of dust and fibers.  And most use equipment that does not clean the square corners of ducting.

Most “Blow and Go” companies will complete a duct cleaning job in 1-2 hours.  However, a thorough cleaning with quality equipment will usually take twice that long with an average of 3-4 hours for a home.

When you’re choosing a duct cleaning company to work with, you want to make sure they explain which parts of the system they are going to clean, how they will reach the hard-to-reach parts of the ducting, where the dust and debris will be vacuumed into, how long the service will take, and how they will protect your home during their service.

For a thorough look at how to choose your contractor, take a look at our blog post on questions to ask before signing up for air duct cleaning.

Is it time for your ducts to be cleaned?

Routine cleaning of your heating and cooling air ducts is recommended every 3-5 years.  However, there are factors that can require more frequent cleaning and those that can help to lengthen the time between cleanings.

A technician attaches the vacuum hose to the HVAC system in a home

How do I Know I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

We often have homeowners ask us how they know if their ducting needs to be cleaned.  After all, these ducts are hidden behind walls or floors and we can’t really look inside them.

Fortunately, there are signs that reveal when your ducts need to be cleaned.

  • Vent registers may have dark areas where dust has collected
  • Return grate covers may be dusty
  • Excessive dust in the air of your home
  • Dust settling rapidly on recently dusted furniture
  • Increase in allergy symptoms while in your home
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling in your home
  • Persistent odor while the system is running

If you notice any of these occurring in your home, it’s time for duct cleaning services.

You can call us at 248-497-6464 now to schedule an appointment.

Factors that Require More Frequent Duct Cleaning

For many homes, air duct cleaning every 3-5 years is adequate to combat the buildup of dust in the HVAC system.  However, some conditions may require more frequent cleaning to retain good quality air in your home.

  • Smoking in the home
  • Pets with high dander loss
  • Home remodels
  • Allergy sufferer in the home

How can I keep my air ducts clean?

Unfortunately, dust collection in the heating and cooling system including the air ducts is just a normal part of usage.  But there are proactive actions you can do to help keep your air vents clean for a longer time.

  1. Change your AC or furnace filter often. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend changing filter every 2-3 months.
  2. Choose high quality air filters. Lower ratings on the air filters mean that more debris is allowed to pass through the filter and into the system.
  3. Cover vents in areas where remodels will be taking place. This will reduce circulation of the air from those areas into the rest of the house.
  4. Use a portable hepa filter air purifier in areas where construction is being done in the home.


Why Choose Us

6 Reasons Metro Detroit Chooses Hydro Clean of Michigan

Free Camera Inspection

With each job, we show our clients the difference in their ducts with before and after camera inspections.

We're Local

As a local air duct cleaning company, we understand the value of doing great work & providing excellent customer service.

Experienced Technicians

Our air duct cleaning and water restoration technicians are up-to-date on the best methods for protecting your home.

Excellent Communication

We take the time to explain our process to our customers, so you’ll know exactly what to expect with your air duct cleaning.

Best Equipment for Job

Our commercial-grade negative air pressure system with air whip agitation fully removes any dust from your air duct or dryer vent.

Attention to Detail

We don’t rush jobs or cut corners. No matter what our customers need, we are committed to doing a great job.

What you need to know about Air Duct Cleaning

Commonly Asked Question about Air Duct Cleaning

When you’re considering having your air ducts cleaned, you probably have questions similar to our other customers.  While we will cover some of the most common questions below, if you have additional questions, just reach out to us.  We’re always happy to hear from you.

open air duct return for an HVAC system

How long does air duct cleaning take?

According to National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) thorough air duct cleaning generally takes 3-5 hours.  If a company tells you it will only take 1 hour, they are probably not doing a thorough job.

Is air duct cleaning noisy?

The air compressors used for cleaning the vents will make noise during the cleaning process.  The noise level is similar to that of a powerful vacuum cleaner.  With our truck mounted system, the noise level is lower than with portable units that are brought into the home.

Does air duct cleaning hurt my HVAC system?

Air duct cleaning must be done correctly to preserve the integrity of your HVAC system.  A service entry may need to be installed and later sealed to prevent leaks in the duct work.  In addition, the negative air pressure must be regulated properly by closing and opening registers and adding back pressure on the system. 

Hydro Clean technicians have been properly trained to NADCA standards to protect your HVAC equipment.

How much does air duct cleaning cost?

According to the EPA, the average cost of whole house air duct cleaning is $450-1000 nation wide.  Hydro Clean provides you with trusted, economical duct cleaning.  We also provide you with a free quote via our online form or by phone.

Does air duct cleaning remove mold?

Air duct cleaning removes the dust and debris in the ducts and HVAC system.  If there is mold present in the debris, it will be removed with the debris.

Mold spores, however, may remain in the system and continue to proliferate. 

To remove mold from the ducts of your heating and cooling system, the system will need to be sanitized with an antifungal fogging treatment applied throughout your HVAC system.

Hydro Clean of Michigan offers an antifungal fogging mold treatment as an additional service when your air duct system is cleaned.

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“Awesome crew and very courteous! Did a great job of cleaning the duct system. I would definitely use them again in the future!”

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“Andrew’s team was great. Fast friendly and professional.

Kenny’s is funny and the crew was a pleasure to have at my home.”

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Naveen H.

“Andrew and his crew are the best professional crew. They did an amazing job with the cleaning of Air duct.  I highly recommend them.  I usually do not give 5 stars but this crew deserves it.”

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