Air Duct Cleaning in Novi, MI

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Air Duct Cleaning for Novi, MI Homes

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Novi, MI has a beautiful blend of homes old and new. And this diversity continues to increase with the rapid growth in the Novi area.  Whether you live in a history home in Novi, MI,  or one of the new constructions, you could benefit from having your home air ducts cleaned.

According to studies done by the EPA, poor indoor air quality is a major concern facing us today.  Older homes often have drafts or have been remodeled, both of which can leave dust and allergens in the air.  Newer homes often have construction dust and debris settled in the home and the ventilation system.  Air duct cleaning gives your home a fresh start at clean air.

Hydro Clean of Michigan uses top-of-the-line, truck-mounted negative air pressure vacuum equipment and agitators to remove the dust carefully and thoroughly from your home’s air ducts. 

We provide you with before and after camera inspections to give you peace of mind the job was done right.

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Air Duct Cleaning Improves Your Quality of Life in Novi, MI

With indoor air quality closely related to the health of your HVAC system, Novi homeowners experience many benefits with air duct cleaning.

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is a problem for many homes and businesses.  With technological advancements, home have become more sealed.  Less air can naturally escape from our homes.  While this sounds great, it also creates the issue of stale and sometimes dusty air in the home.

When dust is trapped inside your home from original construction, remodels, pets, smoking, or just normal use of your doors and windows, it can become a problem for those with allergies as well as for your HVAC system itself.

Utilizing professional air duct cleaning gets your indoor air fresh again.  It removes the dust, dander, pollen and other allergens from inside the duct work.  When duct cleaning is done right, the air handling components of your HVAC system are also cleaned.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Protects your Novi, Mi Home

The number of home fires caused by dryers has risen in recent years.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, these fires are often caused by a failure to clean the dryer exhaust vent.  Don’t let your home become on the statistics, have your dryer vents cleaned today.

Our trained professionals will thoroughly clean your dryer vent, whether it vents to the roof, a second floor, or ground level.  We’ll use our commercial grade air compressors and agitators to remove the flammable lint and dust buildup from the vent, allowing the dryer exhaust to flow freely again.

Dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year to keep the vent clear.

Why Do Novi Homeowners Choose Hydro Clean of Michigan?

Hydro Clean of Michigan rises above the competitors with our professional grade equipment, our know-how, and our attention to detail.


We arrive at your home with a truck mounted negative air pressure system that allows us to safely remove the dust from your ducts.  This equipment is more powerful than portable units and removes more dust in a shorter amount of time.

When paired with our compressor-driven 8 whip nozzle, dust doesn’t stand a chance, even in the corners of your duct work.


We provide a thorough cleaning through each of your supply and return duct openings.  In addition, the blower and other air components of the HVAC system are freed of dust. 

We follow industry best practices to get your system running efficiently again rather than sluggishly, bogged down from dust.

Attention to detail

We provide all of our customers with a duct work camera inspection for before and after the service.  We believe there’s no better way to show our attention to detail in getting your system clean than to give you a view of it yourself.

Air Duct Cleaning Process for Novi Residents

When you schedule with our services pros, we will arrive on time with our truck mounted negative air pressure system.

  1. First, we’ll go over the process with you and explain what you can expect.
  2. Next, we’ll attach the commercial sized vacuum hose near the air handler with the hose attached to the compressor in the truck. Rest assured we will use floor covers and corner protectors to prevent any damage to your walls or floors.
  3. Next, we’ll take images of the inside of different ducts to show the before state of the system.
  4. Then we’ll cover the registers and returns in all the rooms.
  5. Finally, we’ll begin systematically working through the home cleaning each of the air ducts with a second air compress and its attached 8-nozzle whip. This loosens the dirty that is clinging to the walls of the ducts.
  6. When all the ducts have been cleaned, we clean the components on the air handler including the blower motor, A-coils, and other components.
  7. Once completed we’ll take a video and images of the inside of the duct work so you can see the difference the cleaning has made.
  8. We’ll leave your home free from any cleaning debris or dust.
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