Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomfield, MI

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Bringing Cleaner Indoor Air to SE Michigan

Bloomfield MI Air Duct Cleaning

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The sun beats down on the perfectly manicured Bloomfield Twp green.


Sweat beads on the pro golfer’s forehead.


He takes a deep breath. Steadies his grip on the club. Then, he prepares to make the shot of his life.


With fierce determination in his eyes, he swings the club back and then forward, striking the ball with a resounding “crack.”


At HydroClean of Michigan, we know exactly what that feels like.


How, you ask?


At first glance, golf and air duct cleaning may seem like they have nothing in common. But take a closer look – you’ll see that they actually share a surprising connection.


Both require precision, attention to detail, and a steady hand.


Just as a golfer needs to carefully calculate each swing to land their ball on the green, an air duct cleaner must navigate tight spaces and intricate systems to remove dirt and debris.


And just as a golfer has a strict regimen of practice and technique, an air duct cleaner relies on expertise and advanced tools to get the job done right.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

To maintain good air quality in your home, it’s important to have clean air ducts.


Air duct cleaning involves removing dirt, dust, and other air pollutants from your ductwork, registers, or vents.


It’s a thorough process that can help improve the efficiency of your system and promote healthier indoor air quality. Regular air duct cleaning can reduce allergens and irritants, and alleviate respiratory symptoms.


How Do We Perform Air Duct Cleaning?

Our professional technicians use a commercial grade negative air pressure system to thoroughly clean your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.


We understand the importance of clean air. We take steps to ensure your home is not just clean, but also free from any harmful pollutants.


And we don’t stop there – we provide you with camera footage and pictures of the duct work in your home, taken before and after the cleaning process.



Quality Service that’s a Hole in One

As a local company, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service to you, our Bloomfield Twp customers.


We take the time to walk you through our process so that you know exactly what to expect. And we never rush or cut corners on our jobs.


With us, you can trust that your air duct cleaning will be done right the first time.


We truly believe in doing great work and providing excellent customer service. Choose Hydro Clean of Michigan for air duct cleaning you can count on! 


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Our Services

How is Air Duct Cleaning Performed in Bloomfield, MI?

Hydro Clean of Michigan is a locally owned and operated air duct cleaning company providing Bloomfield, Michigan, with top quality services you can trust.  When you partner with Hydro Clean, you choose to protect your home and family.

We believe in providing thorough, top-of-the-line service with exceptional customer service.

images of air duct before and after cleaning

We Clean the Air Ducts & the HVAC System

A thorough cleaning of the HVAC ducts must include cleaning the air handling components of the HVAC system itself.  Afterall, the air that enters the ducts has passed through the intake and the blower fan to get into the ducts. 

Therefore, to give you the best air quality, we offer a whole-house air duct cleaning package. 

Whole-house HVAC system cleaning includes:

  • all supply runs
  • all return runs
  • trunk lines
  • furnace air components
  • A-coil
  • blower fan

We Use the Strongest Cleaning Equipment

When you invest in getting your air ducts cleaned, you want to know they will be cleaned thoroughly.  And so do we.  That’s why we use the strongest negative air pressure equipment designed for cleaning the ventilation ducts.  In fact, our truck-mounted system powerful enough to lift a cinder block., but gentle enough to safely pull the dust out of your ventilation ducting.

In addition, we use a secondary air compressor with a whip nozzle to loosen the dust inside the ductwork allowing it to be sucked out of the home and into our truck outside.

We believe our equipment and know-how make us a top air duct contractor that you can rely on and trust.  Find out more about how to choose a duct cleaning contractor.

What Our Customers are Saying

Definitely Use Again

Rick C.

“Awesome crew and very courteous! Did a great job of cleaning the duct system. I would definitely use them again in the future!”

Friendly & Professional

Shanna C.

“Andrew’s team was great. Fast friendly and professional.

Kenny’s is funny and the crew was a pleasure to have at my home.”

Professional 5 Star Crew

Naveen H.

“Andrew and his crew are the best professional crew. They did an amazing job with the cleaning of Air duct.  I highly recommend them.  I usually do not give 5 stars but this crew deserves it.”

How do I Know if My Bloomfield, MI Home Needs Air Duct Cleaning?

Since homeowners can’t see inside the air ducts in their homes, it can be confusing to know whether air duct cleaning is necessary. 

As a rule, you probably need to have your air ducts cleaned if your house is new and the air registers weren’t covered during construction, if you’ve remodeled your home and any drywall or flooring was included, if you have multiple indoor pets, or if you use the lowest grade air filters.

However, if you’ve purchased an existing home in Bloomfield, MI, you may not know the prior history of your home.  In that case you’ll need to look for signs that give you a clue to your need for duct cleaning.

  • Vent registers may have dark areas where dust has collected
  • Return grate covers may be dusty
  • Excessive dust in the air of your home
  • Dust settling rapidly on recently dusted furniture
  • Increase in allergy symptoms while in your home
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling in your home
  • Persistent odor while the system is running

Hydro Clean Offers Dryer Vent Cleaning in Bloomfield, MI

Hydro Clean also offers dryer vent cleaning for homeowners in Bloomfield, MI.  This important home maintenance can mean the difference in keep your home and family safe or exposing them to the risks of a house fire.

Insurance companies recommend your dryer vent is cleaned every year.  This is particularly if you have a long run on your dryer vent.  For example, you vent may exit the home on the roof or be vented from an interior room to the outside of the home.  The longer the vent run, the more likely it is to build up debris.

Hydro Clean provides vent cleaning regardless of where the vent exits your home.  Contact us for a quote for your dryer vent using our online form or just send us a text at 248-497-6464.

Want a quote for a dryer vent cleaning in an apartment complex?  Reach out and let us know.

Contact Hydro Clean for Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Hydro Clean of Michigan serves Bloomfield, Michigan residents from our base in White Lake.  We have professionally trained technicians to provide you with excellent customer service.

Give us a call or reach out online to schedule your service.

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As a local air duct cleaning company, we understand the value of doing great work & providing excellent customer service.

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