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Hydro Clean of Michigan was born out of a desire to provide home and business owners with the best possible service in air duct cleaning.  While working in the industry, I saw many half-done jobs.  I believed Michigan residents deserve better than that.

Hydro Clean of Michigan provides the best air duct and dryer vent cleaning by using the best equipment on the market and pairing it with strong attention to detail.

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Andrew Nater owner of Hydro Clean of Michigan give a thumbs up at the vacuum cleaning hose attached to the air duct system in a home

Meet the Owner of
Hydro Clean of Michigan

Andrew Nater

As a long time resident of Michigan, I have a passion for helping people live a healthy life.  My practical application of that passion, is giving my fellow Michiganders cleaner indoor air.

I started my air duct cleaning career with a large air duct cleaning company that has multiple locations across the state of Michigan and the US.  After working with them for several years, I knew I could provide a more through service to my SE Michigan neighbors than many of my colleagues were doing with this large company.

Hydro Clean of Michigan was born to be a local, family-owned air duct cleaning company that provides personalized service with true attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Want the cleanest HVAC air ducts around? Give me a call.  I pride myself on using the best truck-mounted, negative air pressure vacuum and extensive know-how to get your air ducts and dryer vents clean all the way to the corners!  And I prove it with before and after camera images of your ducts.

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248-497-6464 or Andrew@HydroCleanofMichigan.com

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